Friday, 10 August 2012

Drop That Popcorn Part 2

Let's talk about an actor whom I really like but in context of the real world I don't. Love him or hate him he will always be there, SRK. Now there have been some really fantastic moments with SRK on celluloid, even though he started his career copying Dilip Kumar out and out, he has developed his own style and aura about acting. One such moment that is worth mentioning according to my opinion is from a good film called Chak De India. No, before you jump to conclusions it's not the now famous Sattar Minute wala dialogue. That whole sequence is too repeatative for my taste. If you forget the video and listen just the audio of that scene you will clearly see that Shah Rukh has definitely been inspired by the brilliant voice modulation of the Sr.Bacchan. For me that was an ok sequence which I could have done without in the movie.Characters and situations have been used brilliantly in the film and I wish that the same would have been delivered for the seriousness of the finals. Never the less the moment that took my breath away was the climatic sequence where the team finally wins the championship. Again this was a cliche and we all came to see that as the movie progressed, but the most amazing part was obviously SRK. That one look of content on his face was absolutely ravishing. That look, of years of tarnish and burden being cleared of his shoulders takes my breath away. He is dignified in his persona but even he can't control his self composure at that moment and this is aptly portrayed by this actor. That emotion makes us connect with this character who is after all fighting for justice against the system but importantly against himself. His search for purity ends and he is baffled by the very thought of having nothing to justify to the world or to himself anymore. The way he fills his eyes with tears of jubilation and relief is something marvelous to look at. We all got sucked into that emotion and only an ACTOR can induce such pain in us and never a superstar. We feel his pain and suffering and his true happiness returning, that moment justifies all the follies in the film. I really wish SRK does such roles and dignify his own talent, he does not need a rubber suit or a mental illness to justify his stardom. That smile of feeling proud to be an athlete, a coach, a man, an above all an Indian is justification enough.

(If you think hollywood is better than the hindi film industry, then have a look at the climax scene of The Pursuit Of Happiness, Will Smith is brilliant in that scene and there is no comparison here, but I will be biased and say that we have the better talent.)

I have many such many moments to share but some deserve to stand alone while some to deserve to stand in a crowd.
(Check out the blu ray copy if you haven't seen this flick yet)

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  1. Seriously..very nice movie...better than that typical romantic movies SRK usually does...runnin behind trees and all that romantic stuff...which is full of show off.....