Friday, 26 October 2012

The If's And But's Of Cinema

Hindi cinema has now changed it's face all together. What was once family based, with wholesome entertainment based upon usually one or two standard formulas, has now gone into a transformation and emerged as the so called "WHOLESOME ENTERTAINMENT" usually based upon 3 or 4 formulas.

Different Cinema so as to speak is here no doubt, but we are so influenced by our history of films that the mindless and overly used formula still stays as it is. Every new film that we see is at that stage of evolution where we can still see our ancestors even though from the looks of it they seem like a new breed.

There are the absolutely unnecessary love angles which serve no purpose, break the flow of the film and to be honest there are no more beautiful locales left for our fearless couples to romance anymore. There is that incessant need from our writers(actually it's the producers who have this constant need but let's attribute the story to the writers for a change) to involve two human beings of the opposite sex into a forced and often irritating and unreal "romance".

The plot of the film will be interesting but half the time is spent in indulging in other aspects losing the focus and hence losing interest. This where the classic line comes in, "The Film was good but.....". This "but" has haunted the likes of me for a lifetime now. every film has that one unnecessary mole on it's face which instead of enhancing the beauty kind of drives the focus onto just removing it from it's place.

A good film does need one thing said well instead of ten things trying to fit in. Now that I have made a point here, I have to prove myself by showing some instances where you are convinced about it. This will happen like any 90's serial, in the next episode. See you then.....

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