Monday, 23 July 2012

Thank You

I can assure you, no matter how disconnected from reality you may be there is always that one moment which can alter you and zap you back into coherence. That moment was last week when my and the only superstar of our industry left us all. One moment that brings you back to earth and redefines what life really means. Nothing is permanent, like his stardom and like our lives.

There are always those people that you see around you everyday, who arouse this feeling inside you, which makes you like them instantly. This feeling cannot be explained, it is just a different feeling for all of us. My superstar was that person for me. I don't know what I liked about him but I really admired and adored him. No other screen actor has been able to induce such an enigma about himself more than this man. Maybe that's why I cant explain what it is that drove people to him. Maybe it is something different in him or maybe it was his destiny.

Whatever it was it still remains in our hearts and will live on forever. There are certain things which are felt rather than spoken or written, I hope you feel what I want to convey here. I don't want to talk about what a great actor he is. I don't want to talk about how wonderful his career has been. That has already been said and accepted. What I really want to talk about is how his life has left an example for all of us. The way this man rose to stardom and was loved by millions. So much love cannot be borne by fragile shoulders. He carried this weight of expectations and held it high with responsibility. So much so that it consumed his entire life. With such great adoring masses it was a sacrifice made on his part to live up to that stature of fan following. Always wanted to please his followers rather than himself. The higher you rise the harder you fall. Maybe that fall would have destroyed any other individual, but this man was something else. Basking in his fall he reinvented himself to a degree not fathomable. How does one man remain so calm in such a life altering storm. Maybe it is grit or determination to rise again. But this is why he was a cherished individual, maybe the very foundation of this man was loved so much rather than the character that he portrayed through out his life. He was never the flamboyant superstar a rather silent entity , which is a rare treat these days. In a world where everyone wants to be number one and claims to be the same, this man in his prime accepted that his time had come to give up that very lucrative position. This was done with grace and poise something severely lacking in today's times. Maybe the word superstar more justifies the attitude rather than films he is starring in.

A piece of cake can well be overeaten if you like the taste. But this man offered us just the right amount. Neither full nor hungry, perfection personified. It is not always about how many fans one has, not about how much money you make and definitely not about how many hits you have, in the end what matters is what you really are inside. For being who is and being a SUPERSTAR I say thank you.


  1. Thank you for writing this Adiolf.....

  2. Really a great way of showing gratitude towards a person who is loved by almost everyone..

  3. Great!!!!! Miss you SUPERSTAR.... :(