Saturday, 11 August 2012

Ek Tha Tiger.......(Comment)

There is mass hysteria about a certain Mr.Salman Khan. The EID specialist if I may. And with great success we get great leeches who attach themselves to the success and leech some moolah out of it. So now the ever so starving multiplex owners have decided that it is not enough that we were being ripped already, that we need some more ripping, 12% to 16% more to be precise. What drives such unethical decisions is beyond me. Yes the film will be a success, yes people will go to watch it no matter what, yes Salman Khan will have another super hit for his EID release but what I beg to question is the way the general audiences are being taken for a ride. Why pay more than average cost?Why does it make any difference that it is releasing on a holiday so people will probably go to see it the day of it's release itself. Isn't this purely selfish and immoral tactics just to make more money! I believe if this is the approach towards the business than in general consumer justification why not pay us back the money when we don't like the film. It makes as much sense. So in name of this bullshit, Happy Tiger Hunting!

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