Saturday, 4 August 2012

Drop That Popcorn Part 1

Anyone who has watched The Dark Knight Rises must have experienced what we like to call the awesome power of expected bullshit. Yes there is bullshit in the climax of that film, but it's good bullshit. Bullshit that you expect but don't want but are kind of accepting it because we suckers for happy endings. But I give credit to Christopher Nolan for making that attempt. He opted for the safe route with a twist which is now synonymous with him except Inception which I believe has literally left everyone hanging. Even the most sharpest of minds cannot deduce the ending of that film, simple reason being the end does not happen. We never see what actually happens and are so left to come to our own conclusions. What a clever way of ending a film and trusting the audience and their intelligence to come to their own conclusions. That defines confidence and knowing one's script. I remember seeing Inception and the theater was drop dead silent throughout the film even though it was packed. I was amazed as to how powerful this medium really is. A movie can really engross you if it conveys the right things. These are the times that make me think about those amazingly brilliant moments we have had on the big screen. These are moments which define the magic of cinema for me. We all love and accept this fact but are differed on the outtake of it all. Maybe it's time we take a look at some of these moments and understand what they signify.

Let's take for example a movie which has many of these brilliant moments. Lagaan. This movie is pure egotistical and really brash in it's approach. But I don't complain because it is filmed brilliantly, every moment has it's due and things flow freely and the tension is built up perfectly. Sitting in a single screen theater at the age of 13, I was amazed to see people shouting at the screen. This was the first time I saw such audience reactions and was a little carried by the energy. Patriotism was rising and everyone was really involved with the film. The climax is very predictable and well, really what we wanted to happen yet felt really good to watch and had an element of satisfaction. This film shows what dramatic moments can really achieve. Victory can never be justified by a worthless cause. The cause defines the victory and this victory was oh so sweet.

Sometimes we don't need dramatic music, overly obvious tension built up, and excessive emotional rain. Sometimes we need the moments which are subtle like Gulzaar saab's lyrics. They might not look much but pack the punch of a thousand poems. One such moment which I thought was brilliantly written and directed was when Ishaan is standing near the edge of his school compound. What damages can be done to the tender psychology of a child is clearly evident. The atmosphere is grimm and we know why he is standing there. Dejection and frustration is aptly portrayed. We want him to be saved, to be understood and in this scene we somehow feel pity and sad for the character. This is one of those crucial scenes which dictate the turning point of the film. He doesn't jump as he stopped by one of his friend's informing him of the new arts teacher and we know the hero has arrived. It is a cliched concept, we know it's Aamir at that point and he will save this child but the way its is driven to the audience is so subtle in it's approach that it adds a new dimension to the film. This moment somehow stayed with me after the film as well maybe it is a reflection of how society is harnessing the responsibilities of an adult on the child and destroying their childhood in the process. It speaks of depression and makes the audience feel that emotion with subtle storytelling.

All that is to be said need not be said. Let's make a part 2...........

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  1. very nice...example of taree zameen per is awsome.
    eagerly waiting for part 2,3 and more....:-)