Saturday, 7 July 2012

Another brick in the wall......

There is a famous song by the great band of Pink Floyd called Another Brick In The Wall. This song treats us to the education system as a downgrading and discriminating factor in our lives. It's an open take and not a biased judgmental opinion. It is somewhat dark in it's rendition. This song has changed an entire generation and really questioned something which is now a curse but was meant to be a blessing. Written many decades ago but is still more relevant than ever. But for the sake of this article, let's look at the phrase "Another Brick In The Wall".

What this phrase signifies for this generation maybe a lot of things but primarily talking about films it signifies another film in this industry. That is what what I feel about every other film that releases any given Friday. Every film you seem is different, has that entertainment quotient which some justify as TIME PASS. This is merely a marketing and promotional jargon induced in our minds so that we can bare to watch crap which actually belongs in dumpster rather than the glorious big screen. These films are marketing pundits' test of endurance and so far they are succeeding. A prospective bride is not made up so much when compared to what these films are made up to be. That is the reason this now a science of fooling people in accepting anything. I don't say all that we see on screen is crap, but an over driven revenge drama with absolute screen time of nothing but utter nonsense should be a film. All such films go on to be mega success but that does not imply that they are good films. Why I used the title that I used is evident after say a month after any of such film's release. It is completely forgotten. This is my primary concern. Why if it is indeed such a good film is it gone from the memory so quickly. Think about it. You often find yourself so excited for a film's release, you make sure you get the over priced tickets before time, on the day you watch the film with the over priced tub of stale popcorn and a carbonated detergent and are not satisfied but somewhat happy by the screening. You come out of the theater not quite happy and not quite dejected. after a few days you get excited about some other film's trailer you watch while having your lovely home made dinner and the cycle continues. Some of the film's have sequels but you don't quite remember which had what story even though you liked both the films. This is classically due to mass propaganda and marketing. this is a disease of sorts which is changing the very aspect of the word films in this country. Big banner and big stars and big numbers are all we are bombarded with so as to make an impression on our minds which tends to justify absolutely anything.They are like the houses seen from a moving train, they come and they go.  Maybe that's why these so called films are just another brick in the wall, a wall which will soon collapse under it's own weight, for we can only take so much of this so called ENTERTAINMENT.

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