Saturday, 28 July 2012

Sympathetically Repeatative

Empathize for you all must be tired of sympathy by now. Imagine walking into a film titled "Nothing About Hitler" and as you cozy into your seat with a tub of non tasting popcorn in one hand and with an over sized industrial paint thinner called cola  in the other. The film starts with the usual gusto and fanfare of glamour and   a friendly dose of awe. But now the real part of the tale, what if the film titled above turns out to be the autobiographical take of Adolf himself. What purpose or point is it serving us with that title and projecting a film to be something it definitely isn't. Well let me not be one of our recent movies and come straight to the point or else Pritam is ready with mindlessly catchy tracks to be inserted rather mindlessly. Go away Pritam I don't need you, pester someone else with your music bank filled with other people's currency(inspiration indeed).

The point I am trying to make is very simple and can be explained in one line. Why is a film which is clearly about love stories and blatantly typical called I Hate Luv Stories! What is the difference between that movie and Cocktail? Both films have senseless titles(Cocktail being the bigger culprit. If they wanted a random name then why not name it something Indian like Biryani,  at least I know what biryani tastes like), both films have three people in an emotinallly driven script where love prevails in the end and sacrifices are made(Oh I forgot sarcasm cannot be conveyed through writing), both have good songs which have beautiful scenic backgrounds which really defeats the purpose because half the time I was more interested in the background than the actors (trying to) dancing in front of it, both have really good characters who are literally dropped mid way(not the leads, they are way too under talented to not be on screen all the time, they do need the practice, right!) and last but not the least we definitely have caricatures of cool party going crowd, who for some reason are transformed completely by the end and I can't determine whether it's the script or their ability to self judge their acting skills. Maybe the schedule was too long and the actors forgot how they portrayed their characters in the initial scenes. Ah yes, my point here is, why are we being subjected to the same story again and again. Haven't we learned enough through cinema through the years that the hero always wins and if he doesn't he is the one who is sacrificing, so he still wins.

My question is how many takes can there be on one story! Have they finally run out of idea's? Every love story out there is still basically a love story no matter what you do to it. Just adding some different country(in the above films South Africa was also common, so I guess they did consult with each other), having different actors, changing the scenario by a hair, are these little tricks just enough to rehash a given story! I mean at least get decent actors who understand acting and are not part of the film just because they look good. Such actors can't be left alone on the screen to act, maybe that's why Cocktail was U/A because we had Deepika trying to act drunk through out the film, this performance really needs parental guidance or else the kids will scared to death from the bad acting. But who really listens to us anymore, it is really the irony of  substantial proportions that a domain of the industry(Marketing) which solely relies on understanding the needs of it's consumers can't actually understand what we really want to see. Thank God for such epic stupidity that still prevails with an MBA in hand and money to back a so called DIRECTOR with a so called fail proof script or else I wouldn't have anything to complain about.

You know what I do feel like an unwanted song right about here, let me check if Pritam is still lingering outside my house, maybe I can get a two songs for the price of one.

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