Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Who is the silent superstar??? This AJAY DEVGN

Whenever i hear about superstars, i always hear about the three khan's, Hrithik and maybe Ranbir. Yes accepted these guys are suoerstars or even mega stars but in this circus of people shouting out that they are the best, there is a SILENT SUPERSTAR looking over his shoulder and demanding his stardom without uttering a word. This is AJAY DEVGN.

Started as a pure action hero, Ajay never looked the superstar material. He had many successful films to his credit early in his career(his debut being a super box office success) but he never had that DDLJ happen for him. Alwasy there but not quite there many people were confused about their preference about him. I remember people always keeping him second fav on their list. With his talent and in many films that talent wanted to explode but it quite didnt. But lady luck has a big reward for patience and perseverance.

His turning point like all say is Sanjay Bhansali's Hum Dil De Chughe Sanam, as the super calm and super good guy, who willingly gives up on his love for the fulfillment of his love's love. What an irony! But for me this film is a mere backlash of this fine actor, redefining his style. His real turning point as an actor is and always will be the socio-religious drama ZAKHM(1998).

This film redefined what people thought about this actor as an actor, it certainly did change my perception. He was fabulous in this film. This lead to superb acting roles in The Legend Of Bhagat Singh, Gangajal,Yuva and so on. He had that genre for himself, a sort of type cast but of a glorious kind. He did his share of masala films but they were forgettable or were even bad for my taste. But with the Golmaal series he changed the game once again. When people were talking about how fit SRK was for Om Shanti Om i was thinking to myself, why is no one talking about how great Ajay is looking. Well thats the way it was but eventually people have accepted that Ajay Devgn is a superstar and not only a serious actor.

Hopefully he has the sense to not give into commercial inklings(Singham) and be aware of his own acting skills which can really light the screen up(without the quintessential item song or ill placed, foreign localled, generic romantic number).

In this industry where everyone is shouting or fighting i hope this man dignifies himself and his well wishers as he has always done, by remaining silent and yet being heard the most............ 

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