Friday, 1 June 2012

Sometimes a crowd can lift a movie beyond CRAP

I remember watching one of the most horrible films of all times "CASH"....... and i shamefully accept that i had a lot of fun on that screening. The obvious question in every mind right now is HOW????? Well the answer is more astounding than surprising i would say. A great set of people who could tell that the film was a piece of crap and that the only way to make it more enjoyable would be to scream obscenities at the screen, Verbal and physical gestures at absolute pointless scenes and the ever so entertaining "one line sexual euphemism" at every line delivered or any and or every physical action done by any actor. Why does it be human tendency to laugh at something which is not funny yet is supremely tickles the funny bone when directed with great timing and enthusiasm towards something which is universally accepted piece of.... Well that is what makes a good film, i guess. It is when it gets the audience involved(intentionally like 3 idiots or unintentionally like CASH). But in that context this movie has to be classified as a classic but we will ease off our medication and not let anything of that sort happen. But my point here is simple sometimes its better to watch a film which is total waste of time and effort(on both the makers and viewers part) provided we have an enthusiastic and funny crowd. Just goes to show in INDIA talent is universal..... GO FIGURE.

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