Saturday, 9 June 2012

Is Shanghai a new beginning or just a diamond in the rough?

I will be honest with you, I haven't seen Shanghai yet. So I cant pass any judgement about it. But from all the reviews that are raving about how good the film is lets talk about this peculiar situation. I choose the word peculiar for one simple reason, when was the last time the script actually won a battle with the importance of actors, their costumes and useless, generic songs. From what i concur this film has the script as its lead character and you see characters in it rather than actors, has minimal background score(background score is a tough cookie for me, for the simple reason it can be a nuisance if not done with grace) but most importantly deals with a true social issue rather than a relationship of two obviously rich, portrayed as poor people. I have to ask the question has the time finally come where people don't want girls dancing in bikinis and stripping themselves of any ounce of dignity just for that five seconds in the spotlight! Has the audience finally come to terms that a good story well told does not require a Khan to make it a hit! Or is it the case where this was always what the audience wanted but due to mass marketing and false propaganda we were subjected to ENTERTAINMENT under the pretense that this is our definition of it! A tight script with not everything being blatantly being exposed as if written with a 5 year old audience as its target(obvious assumption looking at any so called masala film of today), is all that we need. So with many films being declared as hits and even making good profit we may finally begin to see a new breed of directors and writers who wish to genuinely write something different rather than rehashing a hollywood movie(how does STEP MOM work in India????). So lets hope for hope's sake that this is the beginning of something new and exciting rather than a one of situation. Because to be honest with the world I cant take any more concoction of north Indian phrases for women.....

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