Monday, 11 June 2012

If only the promise was fulfilled..... This is Vivek Oberoi

There was a great city called Troy. It had great promise, a great leader and a beautiful future. It was destined for greatness, everything seemed perfect but as fate would have it good things don't last forever. A juvenile prince and his yearning for a love beyond his reach led to the downfall of not only his city but also his own life and the life of many others. This story has a very slight relevance about the man i am speaking of today, a certain Mr.Vivek Oberoi. I say this for a simple reason that this young actor exploded onto the scene with the fabulously portrayed "Chandu", in one of Ram Gopal Verma's better films Company. Everyone including me was astounded by this actor who not only looked the part  but also acted with sincerity and a sense of innocence expected of the character. Now at this point we had people look up to him and say that he was the next superstar in the making. Finally we had an actor who longed for substance, started with a character role and like the everlasting Bhiku Mhatre would be remembered for his flair rather than style. There was promise somewhere made, that felt right. He was the next big thing, all he had to do was play characters which suited his style and stay with the flow of things. He had to speak of only one rival in terms of age and debut time, Hrithik Roshan.
So he followed  his act with another film with another Ramu film tited "Road"(I smell a compulsion rather than choice in this case). This film had the real Bhiku(Manoj Bajpai) but failed miserably and some hopes did die with those rather empty theater seats. But still we kept our hopes up and running and he delivered with a above average performance in Saathiya. It was a huge hit with the general audiences but more so with people who thought they were in love and at the end of the film they were reassured by one SRK and a total "filmy" ending. Accepted he was more than decent in the film, portraying the most safe character for a new comer to play. But the second half brought some of the acting skills to play, which unsatisfactorily were not explored.
The films which followed after this hit were merely a run of the mill formula films. But one film really sparked that wonderful flavor only an actor with inhibited skills to portray can cook up, yes i am talking about the film which was supposed to be his Zanjeer, DUM. Angry young man fighting a personified social issue of corruption and wrong doings, just wonderful premise, although tried and tested it should have worked. Everything was perfect with this greeting card of a film which everyone thought would open up the fragrance of a blossoming actor. I on a personal note have to establish the fact that this is by far a more poignant and in your face performance by any actor of the current lot(please spare me the fact that Hrithik did a similar act in Agneepath, this was a different time and space). His performance in this film really showcased his range as an actor, as if the script was written specifically keeping him in mind. But destiny never plays fair it seems, the film which was supposed to make him ended up breaking him. Here the promise was broken, his claim to superstardom was lost and he ended up being the second hero to the bigger star.
After this debacle, his personal life ended up being more interesting than his films(I hope the connection to the reference that i gave in the beggining is now established). People forgot he was an actor first and started treating him like their own money making marketing machine. He was literally toyed by the media, like being cajoled by an adult to eat your broccoli when you were a kid. His personal life obviously destroyed his professional life and things were not seeing to bright for this once potential number one.
He followed up with disastrous films both critically and in monetary terms(Kisna, Kyun Ho gaya na- which I am sure was scripted on location because nobody ij their sane minds would have written that,Fool n Final,...). He showed some dignity with the Maya character but it was too stylized and forced for my liking. But good talent cannot be hidden he again showed a brilliant performance for a loyal and humble  character in Omkara, but the marketing was more concentrated on Saif’s haircut and his due appreciation was lost somewhere in that battle. If that film had the effect it should have had on his career maybe we would be seeing more of his acting.
Now all is forgotten, he is forgotten, remembered sometimes because he plays the villain to his onetime competitor(Kkrish 3). I ask here is this a matter of what attitude you have in this industry or is it finally dependent on which people you attach yourself with. I say that this may be a reason for many a talents to vanish into thin air, potential greats to disappear and real actors to be limited to nonsensical second leads. But I believe the real reason is stated in this quote,” An actor is totally vulnerable. His total personality is exposed to critical judgment - his intellect, his bearing, his diction, his whole appearance. In short, his ego.”.  I dare say don't make anymore promises for I don' have the courage to see them go to waste once again. I rest my case.

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