Wednesday, 30 May 2012

One great thing about Housefull 2.....

I watched or rather suffered through Housefull 2 a few days back. It was not pleasant by any means but i do give credit to the people who wrote the script for being original about it. The performances are down right horrible and are bad even by Indian Ham Standards (coz even hamming requires some talent). I would especially like to say that John in this movie is more horrible than Dino Morea in all his movies.
But there is a silver lining here, for every bad actor cast (Asin,John,actress 2, actress 3,etc) there are three legends in the movie who really tilt the balance in the favor of the movie. I would like to talk about my idol, the great Mithun Da. He was the saving grace of the film by delivering an excellent performance once again. I am so used to seeing him blend into his roles now that i felt he must have been the most comfortable actor on the set delivering his lines. Thank god for Sajid's good sense of judgement and giving the three legends ample of screen time but i was left wanting for more of the three together. I believe he could have straight skipped two songs and given that screen time to Rishi Kapoor and Randhir Kapoor's interaction scenes which were clearly a joy to watch. I hope they work together again.....Fingers crossed.

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