Monday, 28 May 2012


I have been a fan of Sajid Khan since his Ikke pe Ikka days. I don't know how old that makes me look or even how stupid because I don’t know how many people actually saw that show. It was a funny and witty show which showcased silly toilet humor (unfortunately once a gig was inside a public loo) and a countdown to the chartbusters of that time. This was a show which I liked a lot because it somehow entertained my childish sense of humor and absolute silliness was my taste in comedy.

Now if you take that perception into account then you can state that now is the time in the industry which should be catering to people exactly like me. But unfortunately even I have to accept that tasteless comedy also has some taste after all. This I say because I don’t know what this industry expects we are? At least I am not 12 anymore to laugh at some “hint” at homosexuality joke. Entertainment is now acquiring a very wide scope of definition for the fact people are throwing utter nonsense in the face of the audience and saying its well…..ENTERTAINMENT.

How de these talented directors justify this, by giving the time approved stamp of “THIS IS WHAT THE AUDIENCE WANTS”. And somewhere even I have started believing, is this what we really want….. Is this the state that we have achieved that we no longer question anything, find logic in things or even plain right accept practically anything that is thrown at us.  Hmm…. I don’t know who to blame for this mess, us or them. Maybe it’s the selfish and evil CORPORATE or the blame them for absolutely anything the POLITICIANS??????

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